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Guest Message by DevFuse

- - - - -

FMTV Voltage regulator

31 AUG 2010
MSG DTG (Zulu): 301837Z Aug 10, Precedence: PRIORITY
IAW: AR 750-6, Army Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System
FROM: TACOM LCMC SAFETY OFFICE , DAMI_Safety.of.use@conus.Army.Mil
SUBJECT: Maintenance Action (MA), TACOM Life Cycle Management Command,
(TACOM LCMC) Control No. MA 10-070, Subject: FMTV Voltage Regulator
Failures, 6110- 01-559-2092 PN N3221, SN range 4470-10449, FMTV S/N
113960-120583, 700001- 705755 A1P2 and LSAC Cab S/N 302523-303534,
M1078, 2320-01-354-3385, T60081; M1078, 2320-01-360-1898, T60149;
M1078A1, 2320-01-447-6343, T60081; M1078A1, 2320-01-447-3888, T60149;
M1078A1P1, 2320-01-523-1429, T67578; M1078A1P1, 2320-01-523-1371, T67748;
M1078P1, 2320-01-523-1432, T67578; M1078P1, 2320-01-523-1433, T67748;
M1079, 2320-01-360-1891, T40329; M1079, 2320-01-354-3384, T93484;
M1079A1, 2320-01-447-4933, T40329; M1079A1, 2320-01-447-4938, T93484;
M1079A1P1, 2320-01-523-1481, T82044; M1079A1P1, 2320-01-523-1484, T82112;
M1079P1, 2320-01-523-1369, T82044; M1079P1, 2320-01-523-1370, T82112;
M1081, 2320-01-355-3064, T41995; M1081, 2320-01-360-1899, T42063;
M1081A1, 2320-01-447-3882, T41995; M1081A1, 2320-01-447-3883, T42063;
M1081A1P1, 2320-01-523-1364, T45119; M1081A1P1, 2320-01-523-1372, T67374;
M1082, 2330-01-449-1775, T96564; M1083, 2320-01-360-1895, T41135;
M1083, 2320-01-354-3386, T61908; M1083A1, 2320-01-447-3884, T41135;
M1083A1, 2320-01-447-3890, T61908; M1083A1P1, 2320-01-523-1488, T45051;
M1083A1P1, 2320-01-523-1516, T67680; M1083P1, 2320-01-523-1434, T45051;
M1083P1, 2320-01-523-1439, T67680; M1084, 2320-01-354-3387, T41203;
M1084A1, 2320-01-447-3887, T41203; M1084A1, 2320-01-495-0110;
M1084A1P1, 2320-01-523-1485, T67816; M1084A1P1, 2320-01-523-1517, T67816;
M1084P1, 2320-01-523-1435, T67816; M1085, 2320-01-354-4530, T61704;
M1085, 2320-01-360-1897, T61772; M1085A1, 2320-01-447-3891, T61704;
M1085A1, 2320-01-447-3897, T61772; M1085A1P1, 2320-01-523-1479, T44915;
M1085A1P1, 2320015231430, T96632; M1085A1P2 W/W, 2320-01-552-7770, T93339;

M1085P1, 2320015231440, T96632; M1086, 2320-01-354-4531, T61840;
M1086A1, 2320-01-447-3895, T61840; M1086A1P1, 2320-01-523-1487, T44983;
M1086P1, 2320-01-523-1438, T44983; M1087A1, 2320-01-530-3843, T41271;
M1087A1P1, 2320-01-523-1520, T23135; M1087A1P1, 2320-01-523-1367, T23135;
M1088, 2320-01-355-4332, T61239; M1088, 2320-01-360-1892, T61307;
M1088A1, 2320-01-447-3893, T61239; M1088A1, 2320-01-447-3900, T61307;
M1088A1P1, 2320-01-523-1426, T59165; M1088A1P1, 2320-01-523-1490, T88847;
M1088P1, 2320-01-523-1428, T59165; M1088P1, 2320-01-523-1427, T88847;
M1089, 2320-01-354-4528, T94709; M1089A1, 2320-01-447-3892, T94709;
M1089A1P1, 2320-01-523-1476, T54718; M1089P1, 2320-01-523-1357, T54718;
M1090, 2320-01-354-4529, T64911; M1090, 2320-01-360-1893, T64979;
M1090A1, 2320-01-447-3899, T64911; M1090A1, 2320-01-447-6344, T64979;
M1090A1P1, 2320-01-523-1486, T44643; M1090A1P1, 2320-01-523-1361, T67068;
M1090P1, 2320-01-523-1363, T44643; M1090P1, 2320-01-523-1358, T67068;
M1093, 2320-01-355-3063, T41036; M1093, 2320-01-360-1896, T41104;
M1093A1, 2320-01-447-3889, T41036; M1093A1, 2320-01-447-6342, T41104;
M1093A1P1, 2320-01-523-1475, T44847; M1093A1P1, 2320-01-523-1519, T67442;
M1094, 2320-01-355-3062, T65526;M1094, 2320-01-360-1894, T65594;
M1094A1, 2320-01-447-3896, T65526; M1094A1, 2320-01-447-3898, T65594;
M1094A1P1, 2320-01-523-1491, T44711; M1094A1P1, 2320-01-523-1362, T44779;
M1078A1P2, 23320-01-549-8577, T59448; M1078A1P2 W/W, 2320-01-549-8611,
M1080A1P2, 2320-01-552-7791, T01759; 1079A1P2 W/W, 2320-01-552-7749,
M1079A1P2 WO/W, 2320-01-552-7745, T62359; M1083A1P2 W/W, 2320-01-549-8565,
M1083A1P2 WOW, 2320-01-549-8610, T41515; M1096A1P2, 2320-01-552-7796,
M1092A1P2, 2320-01-552-7793, T01691; M1157A1P2 WO/W, 2320-01-552-7787,
M1157A1P2 W/W, 2320-01-552-7782, T65274; M1087A1P2 WO/W, 2320-01-552-7781,
M1086A1P2 WO/W, 2320-01-552-7780, T62112; M1085A1P2 WO/W,
2320-01-552-7773, T93271;
M1085A1P2 W/W, 2320-01-552-7770, T93339; M1089A1P2, 2320-01-552-7762,
M1088A1P2 WO/W, 2320-01-552-7759, T88983; M1088A1P2 W/W, 2320-01-552-7753,
M1084A1P2 W/MHE WO/W, 2320-01-552-7739, T59584; M1148A1P2,
2320-01-557-4546, T54516


This is a "Maintenance Action Message". Commanders/Directors of Army
Commands (ACOM)/Army Service Component Commands (ASCC)/Direct Reporting
Units (DRU), Army National Guard (ARNG), US Army Reserve (USAR) Command,
US Navy (USN), US Air Force (USAF), US Marine Corps (USMC) and other
Service Commanders and Responsible Offices will retransmit this message to
all subordinate Commanders/Activities.
2. ISSUE: {Menu}
Due to a manufacturers defect, voltage regulators on the 260 Amp
alternators may fail internally. The failure is occurring during normal
vehicle operations. Some vehicles affected have had electrical surges
resulting in the driver's instrument panel lights flashing on and off.
Furthermore, in some instances the voltmeter gage reads in excess of 32.48
volts or no voltage at all.
Depending on FMTV vehicle variant, inspect the charging system IAW -10
LMTV A0- TM 9-2320-365-10 pg 2-46 step #17
MTV A0- TM 9-2320-366-10-1 pg 2-66 step #17
LMTV A1- TM 9-2320-391-10 WP 0087 00-33 step 9,
MTV A1- TM 9-2320-392-10-3 WP 0103 00-35&36 step 9
LMTV/MTV A1R- IETM 9-2320-391-14&P PMCS table 2 Item 16
LMTV A1P2- TM 9-2320-332-10 WP 0081-34 Item 14
MTV A1P2- TM 9-2320-333-10-2 WP 0095-34 Item 14
LHS A1P2- TM 9-2320-337-10-2 WP 0082-36 Item 14
a. It is important to bring the vehicle up to operating temperature to
get a good voltage reading. If no defects are found, no action is
required. If the system is found to be faulty, notify Field level
maintenance for repairs.
b. Remove and replace the voltage regulator (NSN 6110-01-559-2092, PN
N3221) IAW IETM 9-2320-391-14&P maintenance task 07-05 Voltage Regulator
Replacement. Replacement regulators must be dated on or after 09/09/09.
Refer to web link for voltage regulator placement photos:
c. This voltage regulator replacement is an extended warranty item and
can be processed using TB 9-2300-426-15 and TB 9-2300-427-15.
d. The manufacturer's (BAE) preferred method to file a warranty claim is
to use their warranty claim website:
e. You will have to create an account for this website but the site is
very user friendly. Even if your vehicle is out of warranty, the voltage
regulator replacement is covered under this MAM. If filing a claim using
the TB method, follow the instructions in paragraph 3.b. You must
include the Unit's identification and truck serial number when
submitting a claim. After you submit your claim, you will be sent a new
regulator and will be required to return the defective regulator back to
the manufacturer in the original shipping box provided.
Unit Commanders, contact your local TACOM LCMC Logistics Assistance
Representative (LAR) or your State Surface Maintenance Manager upon
receipt of this message for assistance. For assistance in locating your
TACOM LCMC LAR, see paragraph 7c.
Provide the following information as part of your follow-up actions when
No publication changes required.
No Follow-up actions are required
PS magazine to follow
N/A, regulators in stock and issued by vehicle manufacturer. (BAE) Parts
Required: PN N3221 NSN 6110-01-559-2092
Requisitioning Instructions:
a. If units have questions as to warranty coverage, Contact BAE's
Warranty dept at: Warranty@baesystems.com
b. This is a warranty item, all costs will be covered under warranty.
7. POC'S/LAR'S INFO: {Menu}
a. Alan Meacham, alan.meacham@us.army.mil; DSN 786-4772 Comm (586) 282-
b. John Eynon, john.t.eynon@us.army.mil; DSN 786-4337 Comm (586)
c. To find your TACOM LCMC LAR, you must be a registered user in the
Army Electronic Product Support (AEPS) database. If you are a registered
user, then click on this link:
then select the appropriate region; i.e. CONUS, Europe, Far East, and
SWA. Select the location nearest you and click on a name. This will give
you a LAR's name, DSN and commercial phone number, email address, and
(1) If you are not a registered user, request access at the public
page: https://aeps.ria.arm.../aepspublic.cfm then click on "Access
Request Form" and follow the instructions for obtaining an AEPS
userid. If you don't have access to AEPS, you can also obtain this
information by contacting the TACOM Senior Command Representative
(SCR) for your area.
(2) CONUS-East Region includes all Active Duty, National Guard and
Reserve Units in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio,
Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida,
Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia,
Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode
Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and
FORSCOM. CONUS-East SCR can be reached at DSN 236-6921, Commercial
(3) CONUS-West Region includes all Active Duty, National Guard and
Reserve Units in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska,
Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Montana,
and Wyoming. CONUS-West SCR can be reached at DSN 737-0263, Commercial
(4) Pacific Region includes all Active Duty, National Guard and
Reserve Units in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona,
Alaska, Hawaii, California, New Mexico and Guam. Pacific SCR can be
reached at DSN 357-2991, Commercial 253-967-2991.
(5) Europe Region includes all Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve
Units in Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Bosnia,
Kosovo, and Macedonia. Europe SCR can be reached at DSN 314-483-4090,
Commercial 01149 631-411-4090, in Germany, 0631-411-4090.
(6) Far East Region includes all Active Duty, National Guard and
Reserve Units in Korea, Okinawa, Kwajalein, and Japan. Far East SCR
can be reached at DSN 315-721-7101, commercial 011-82-2-2270-7101.
(7) SWA OIF Region (Iraq) SWA, Region OIF includes all Active Duty,
National Guard and Reserve Units in Iraq. SWA Region OIF SCR OIF Balad
Iraq can be reached at DSN 312-987-5130, ext 6416 commercial
732-427-5130 ext 6416. Joint Base Balad is DSN 312-987-5130, ext 6427
commercial 732-427-5130 ext 6427.
( 8) SWA OEF Region (Afghanistan) SWA, Region OEF includes all Active
Duty, National Guard and Reserve Units in Afghanistan. SWA Region
401st AFSB OEF SCR can be reached at DSN 318-481-6836/6834. Alternate
is DSN 312-987-5130 Commercial 732-427-5130 ext 3821.
(9) Integrated Readiness Maintenance Team (IRMT) Region (Kuwait) SWA
Region includes all Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve Units in
Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. IRMT Region IRMT Team Leader can
be reached at DSN 318-430-7460, Commercial 011-965-389-7460.

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